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We live in unsafe, dangerous times... one doesn't even need to cite all the terrible daily news any more... WE ALL KNOW that the number of attacks on innocent citizens have reached an unprecedented number. The most frequent attacks are attacks with edged weapons - such as knives, machetes, axes - and with blunt objects such as sticks, pipes, batons etc. The average person and even trained self defense students have a very gard time to defend themselves against such attacks. BUCKLER BAG IS THE ANSWER to these kind of threats!


BUCKLER BAG is a stab and slash resistant shoulder bag, which serves as a shield against attacks against edged weapons - since THAT is the main threat today on the streets in just about any country of the world. BUCKLER BAG will also stop attacks with blunt objects, such as pipes, wrenches, sticks, batons and the like. BUCKLER BAG will, of course, equally stop unarmed attacks such as punches or kicks. And last not least, with BUCKLER BAG you will even be able to fend of animal attacks, such as vicious dogs. BUCKLER BAG and its self defense system has been invented and devised by a group of professional close protection instructors in the USA and in France - experts for safety, self defense and personal security. Now YOU can use this method TO BE SAFE AGAIN!

BUCKLER BAG can be carried like a regular shoulder bag. But it has a special design - design, name and logo registered with the German Patent Authority (Patentamt) - which makes it easily possible to use this bag as a shield - a buckler, hence the name of this bag. Slash and stab resistant materials will stop edged weapons and keep you from being gravely injured. A secret compartment of this bag can contain self defense tools - a knife, a baton, mace for instance. Keep The element of surprise on your side!
BUCKLER BAG comes together with a full self defense system, a training system for EVERYBODY, simple, but effective. ANYONE can use this system for their personal safety! Easy to learn with only little training required.

In combination with a walking stick, a knife, mace, a baton, BUCKLER BAG allows you to fend of attackers, both armed or unarmed. At the same time, BUCKLER BAG looks like a shoulder bag, it serves as a shoulder bag, it is LEGAL and inconspicuous. It is the PERFECT SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM for the streets, for your home, your office, when you go out and about, when you are jogging... wherever you go, you can carry your BUCKLER BAG and simply BE SAFE AGAIN when walking the streets...!


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BUCKLER BAG will become available through our KICKSTARTER PROJECT first... our Kickstarter supporters will be the first to be shipped PLUS if you support our Kickstarter, you will get your full TRAINING SYSTEM FREE OF CHARGE - this consists of a number of video and online training courses incl. direct access to our head instructors via a number of communication options (online using an exclusive training campus, email, forum etc.).

WHAT WILL THE PRICE of BUCKLER BAG BE? We expect the price of the BUCKLER BAG to be just under 60 EURO, but the exact price will be made public when we start the Kickstarter.

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